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The New Generation of Old World Wines

The region

Castilla-la-Mancha is the vastest geographical grape growing region in the world. The abundance in quantity and need for little upkeep in order for grapes to grow, created a false reputation for easy, simple and rustic table wine that merely existed in the shadow of wines from other Spanish wine regions. In reality, the land is composed of a prime Mediterranean soil structure that is a natural haven for the perfect cultivation of wine grapes.

Bodega Cerrón

When premium soil structure and geographical location is merged with ancient oenological wisdom, refined technology and a thirst for continuous improvement by a new generation of oenologists, the result is that of wines having reached high summits of alchemy and perfection, such as those produced by the Cerrón family. This powerful and winning alliance can only give birth to extraordinary wines that exceed in vigor and finesse, such as Rabia (Rage), Remordimiento (Remorse), Todo Sobre Mi (All About Me), and El Sentido de la Vida (The Meaning of Life). Bodega Cerrón is true perfection that evolves from ideal geographical conditions and deep-rooted history! Bodega Cerrón creates their biodynamic wines that are symbolic of tomorrow's Spain.

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