Tierra de Castilla Wines

"For those whom arrive to Castilla-La-Mancha from far away, drinking the local wine is as important an event as reading Don Quixote. Understanding the tale can only begin when one begins to fully understand Castilla’s wine.  Once the comprehension of both has taken place, an individual can truly be considered Quixotic."


Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla is a PGI, whose wines come from Castilla-la-Mancha, Spain. Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) are distinct regimes of geographical indications within legal frameworks ensuring that only products genuinely originating from that region are allowed in commerce to be identified as such. The European Union rules govern the production of wine in Spain.

All wines at Vina Cerron meet and surpass the minimum requirements stipulated by all governing bodies, thus they have all obtained the 'Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla' appellation.

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