Our Wines


We believe in winemaking integrate with the environment and respect for the natural production cycle of the soil. For this reasons throughout this years we have followed farming and winemaking practices based on:

  • Organic culture:

We use organic viticulture as a production model throughout the entire winemaking process. No fertilizers, additives or synthetic chemicals are used in the vineyards and in the complete wine making process. The Organic farming forms a global process of production management, which increases and enhances the health of agricultural systems, including organic diversity, biological cycles and soil biological function.

  • Low Yields:

Our aim is to have healthy and sustainable vineyards, in balance with their environment, providing high quality fruit with the highest expression of its territory, or Terroir, displaying the uniqueness of each vineyard and the individuality of the man. Low yields means greater concentration instead big productions.

  • Hand Harvesting:

Not machine. We want the grapes to arrive in the best and genuine condition into the winery, the time for the grapes between being harvested and arrive to the deposit is no more than 30 min.

  • Wild Yeasts:

All wines are expression of the Terroir. For this reason only the natural indigene yeasts on the grapes are used to obtain aromas and flavors to show their place of origin and varietal character.

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