Our philosophy

A simple glass of great wine can induce personal encounters offering salacious conversations, interesting dialogues or possible love stories, during an epoch in which a myriad of communication tools has weakened the quality of human communication.

Concealed behind the mundane appearances of merely drinking wine and having some basic knowledge of it, a divine World of Wine awaits to be discovered.  This fine World of the Wine is a place that gives birth and fosters marvelous ‘wine-centric’ experiences; a world that satisfies the states of consciousness of clever consumers.  Amongst them, lies the state of reminiscence, the most mysterious and philosophical experience.


It is difficult to imagine life without wine and philosophy.  The enigma revolving around both has to do with the contemplation of the meaning of life.  Through our adamant determination to reconcile passion and reason, contemplation and transformation, it is meaningful dialog that will allow us to understand that philosophy and wine are simultaneously reason and consequence. The meaning of life is not innate to us and cannot be found through our genes.  Likewise, wine does not grow ready to drink in an oval goblet of grapes, as it is a creation of the human being, whom is made substantially of philosophy and wine.




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